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About Us

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KINGZBLVD BLOUTIQUE CLOTHING Co. is a luxury streetwear boutique, founded in 2013 in Sofia (Bulgaria) , by the young designer Hristofor L. Kishov (at that time 24 years old), now based in Hamburg (Germany).
The company is specialized by producing small (Capsule) limited collections of bomber jackets and trenchcoats for Men/Women only 2 times a year.
Tailored and all hand crafted with passion and creativity, KINGZBLVD set a brand new trend on the street market of luxury goods.

Perfection and High Quality Materials

The designs of the garments are characterized with combinations of different materials like cotton, velour, leather, satin and cashmere, aesthetic selected to bring the best look in every piece. KINGZBLVD´s collections are also influenced by the fashion of music subcultures and marketed in connection with the HIP-HOP music industry.
Every model from our collections is being produced only ones (in all sizes), which makes all of our products extreme limited edition. This brand was created for those people, who are inspired by individualism, the urban luxury and the new wave in hip-hop, to bring the high-end streetwear to another level.
The line of apparel is intended to target the younger generation and its more affordable for those, who are starting to become more sophisticated in their personal styles and individuality.

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