Chartreuse Green Multimaterial “Butterfly” Women´s Tracksuit

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This all hand-crafted KINGZBLVD Limited Women’s Tracksuit features:
Bomber Jacket:
Chartreuse-green Satin fabric, Black Satin fabric, Black Cashmere fabric details, Royal-blue Cashmere fabric, Royal-blue & Chartreuse-green 3D-Design decoration Stripes on the front side, White Neoprene, Ivory-White Cashmere fabric details, 2 Logo Embroideries on the front side and Elastic-band decoration on the shoulders and the sleeves.
Black double-ribbed knit trim on the outside and Chartreuse-green Satin fabric on the inside of the collar, black ribbed knit trim at the cuffs and hem, one inside pocket and slim-fit design.
Track Skirt:
Whte Neoprene, Chartreuse-green Satin fabric detail on the front side, Black Cashmere-fabric detail, Royal-blue Cashmere-fabric detail and slim-fit (Pencil-style) design.

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